2. Juli 2020

Lockdown Tape #28


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Yannis KyriakidesDog Song (2006) für Doppeltrichter-Trompete und Elektronik

Marco Blaauw, Trompete

Janet Sinica, Video
Daniel Seitz, Sounddesign

Marco Blaauw about the background of the piece:

Yannis Kyriakides told me how my double bell trumpet provoked an image of a two-headed dog; so there was no surprise that when he wrote for my instrument, it would become a ‘dog’ piece. I made a series of short scenes where the electronics define the space and world where the dog song unfolds, the inner unheard world that underpins the creature’s schizoid growls, spits and barks. Then the dog gained a mythological dimension, he began to resemble Cerberus, the multi-headed hound who guards the gates of Hades.
We premiered the piece in the festival Warsaw Autumn in 2007 and played a whole series of performances after that.

In 2009 my life was enriched by the arrival of a four footed friend. He shared my life until a couple of months ago, when we decided he deserved his retirement on a quiet farm where he can roam green fields and swim in quiet waters whenever he likes.
Now the dark corners of my Corona seclusion cave are still filled with the presence of his dog spirit. I felt it was time to revisit this piece and sing the dog song as melancholic ode to the magic creature he has become.

Marco Blaauw, June 2020