22. März 2012

Das neue Stück von Dieter Mack ist eingetroffen!

us dem Vorwort:

“Luft” was written for the Studio Ensemble of MusikFabrik, which is in fact a youth ensemble of young and extremely talented musicians before their study. I was deeply impressed by some recordings of this group that I had heard. It gave me enough motivation and inspiration to write this piece of music.

The title itself already gives a clear hint towards at least one main feature of the piece, which is air, breathing and everything else that has to do with breath in the widest sense of its meaning. Normally breathing is only discussed in connection with wind and brass instruments. However, musically it is equally important for other players. Therefore in “Luft” I extended the activities of all musicians in so far that they have also to make:

a) pure vocal actions,
b) vocal actions through the instrument and then, certainly,
c) normal instrumental playing.

Different degrees of noise, colored noise are elaborated, finally developing into pitched sounds, which emancipate more or less gradually. At a certain point of pure pitch organisation (the big wall‐like Tutti) this becomes a problem of breath as well in terms of energy, intensity and mere force. The different aspects in regard to air (= Luft) in a musical context are the main elements of the piece. Besides, I work with an elaborated system of harmonic structures as sound devices, partly based on the overtone structure of the two bass nicophones.