4. Juni 2018

Brass Academy

Three of our brass players (Christine Chapman, Marco Blaauw and Melvyn Poore) are involved in this year’s brass academy of the 2018 International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt:

The 2018 International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt (Germany), from July 14 till 28, is presenting an exclusive academy for all brass players.

The faculty is Christine Chapman/ horn, Marco Blaauw/trumpet, Mike Svoboda/trombone, and Melvyn Poore/tuba. They offer their expertise and share their experience in the performance of modern repertoire, improvisation  and the development of new repertoire. They teach playing technique, art of performance,  practice and learning methods and offer healthy experiments with sound. This academy is part of the International Summer Course and therefore guarantees the exchange with many composers and fellow students.

The summer course offers a unique chance to collect new ideas, develop new projects, hear many concerts, and to meet an international network of musicians. All in all, an incredible opportunity to widen your horizons!

The 2018 brass academy also offers a unique program for trumpet players: In collaboration with the composer classes of Rebecca Saunders and Milica Djordjovic, trumpeters will work intensively with composers developing new repertoire for solo trumpet and trumpet ensembles.