Edition musikFabrik | CD 7 | Unexpected

Excerpt from David Lang "Are you experienced?"


WERGO WER 6857 2

David Lang | Are you experienced? (1987-88) 
for speaker, electric tuba solo and ensemble 

Philippe Boesmans | Sextuor à clavier (2006) 
for piano, 2 violins, 2 violas und violoncello 

Richard Barrett | interference (1996-2000) 
for double-bass clarinet solo, voice and pedal bass drum 

Luca Francesconi | Unexpected End of Formula (2008) 
for violoncello, live elektronics and ensemble
Christian Brückner | speaker (Lang)
Melvyn Poore | electric tuba solo (Lang)
Carl Rosman | voice, double-bass clarinet solo and pedal bass drum (Barrett)
Dirk Wietheger | violoncello (Francesconi)
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Josh Martin (ZKM) | sound direction
Stefan Asbury | conductor (Lang)
Etienne Siebens | conductor (Boesmans)
Christian Eggen | conductor (Francesconi)

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