Edition Musikfabrik | CD 16 | Fall


Extract from La Chute d'Icare

WER 68692

Brian Ferneyhough | La Chute d'Icare (1987/88) for clarinet solo and chamber ensemble

Stephan Winkler | Von der Gewissensnot der Insekten (2012) for 17 instrumentalists
I. Papst Probstenlochs Prälatengummi
II. Heftig tremolierende Nervenschläuche

Oscar Bettison | Livre des Sauvages (2012) for big ensemble
I. Curious fauna, some of it murderous
II. Alchemy or a new religion
III. Treasure ships ad heretical ceremonies

Carl Rosman, clarinet
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Diego Masson, conductor
Clement Power, conductor
Emilio Pomarico, conductor



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