Studio Musikfabrik: Bis in die Puppen!

05.07.2018 06:00 pm
06.07.2018 06:00 pm
Düsseldorf, Balletthaus - Ballett am Rhein/Deutsche Oper am Rhein

Bis in die Puppen! 
An inclusive dance and theatre project with and of all our sences in 3 acts 

with music by David P. Graham | Three Dances - A hommage to Petrouschka (2018) for clarinet, trumpet, percussion, accordion, violin and double bass - Commissioned by the Junge Oper am Rhein

Commissioned by Junge Oper am Rhein the composer David P. Graham wrote the three-part piece Three Dances - A hommage to Petrouschka, following Strawinskys "Petruschka". Since January 2018 round 50 children and adolescents with and without educational needs confront themselves creatively with Grahams colourful music and the topics of the world-famous ballet "Petruschka". During those working units they were developing the collective piece with the title Bis in die Puppen!.

In three different groups of extracurricular inclusive dancing groups with students of Hulda-Pankok-Gesamtschule and Dieter-Forte-Gesamtschule the young artists dealt with the subjects "fair", "being a doll" or "longing" in an associative way: What makes me wanting to got to this magical place "fair"? When do I feel like beeing a doll, controlled by others? Where does longing lead me to?  
The results will be presented together with 6 musicians of Studio Musikfabrik. 

Anja Fürstenberg and Krysztina Winkel, Projectmanagement
David P. Graham, Composition
Krysztina Winkel and Thuy-Tien Nguyen, ​Choreography
Peter Veale, ​Conductor and artistic direction Studio Musikfabrik 
Leonie Höttges, ​Projectmanagement Studio Musikfabrik
Anja Fürstenberg, Costume
Lena Volmer, Special educational direction

A participatory project of Junge Oper am Rhein in cooperation with Lebenshilfe Düsseldorf, Arrive&Join e.V., AWO Düsseldorf e.V., Hulda-Pankok-Gesamtschule, Dieter-Forte-Gesamtschule and Studio Musikfabrik

Supported by Ralf und Uschi Kutscheit Stiftung.



Bis in die Puppen! - Ein inklusives Tanz- und Theaterprojekt