Strom #1

14.07.2019 07:00 pm
Köln, Bogen 2

Compositions by and with Pierre Jodlowski

OUTERSPACE (2018) - for solo trombone, video and soundtrack
Mecano 1 (2004) - for one percussionist and with metronome beater
Série noire (2005) - for piano, soundtrack and subtitles
Hyper speed disconnected motions (2012) - for contrabassflute, Paetzold double recorder, video and electronics
Lesson of anatomy N° 1 (2015)- for harpsichord, video and electronics
Criogenesis (2007/19) - for solo violoncello
Is it this? (2001) - for violin, double bass clarinet, percussion, video and electronics

Pierre Jodlowski
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Paul Jeukendrup, sound direction

Admission free