Strom #1

14.07.2019 07:00 pm
Köln, Bogen 2

Compositions by and with Pierre Jodlowski

Outer space (2018) for solo trombone, video and electronics
Mecano 1 (2004) for solo percussion with metronome
Série noire (2005) for piano, soundtrack and subtitles
Lesson of anatomy N° 1 (2015) for solo harpsichord, video and Electronics
Hyper speed disconnected motions for bassflute, Paetzold double bass flute (recorded), video and electronics
Criogenesis (2007) new version for solo violoncello, „mute voice telling Schopenhauer’s insults“ with subtitles
Is it this? (2001) for violin, double bass clarinet, percussion, video and electronics

Pierre Jodlowski
Ensemble Musikfabrik