Sacrum Profanum

15.09.2018 08:00 pm
Krakau, ICE Kraków Congress Centre

Rebecca Saunders | fury (2005) for double bass 

Liza Lim | The green Lion eats the Sun (2014) for double-bell euphonium 

Lisa Streich | Sai ballare? (2015) for piano, violin and motorised violoncello 

John Zorn | Merlin (2016) for trumpet

Michael Beil | String Jack (2016) for cello with live-video and tape

Anthony Braxton | aus Ghost Trance Music: Composition No. 169 und Composition No. 199 (1995 ff.) for ensemble

Michael Wertmüllerantagonisme contrôlé (2013/14) for saxophone, percussion, bass and ensemble 

Marco Blaauw, Trumpet
Melvyn Poore, Double-bell euphonium
Dirk Wietheger, Violoncello
Florentin Ginot, Double bass
Peter Brötzmann, Saxophone
Marino Pliakas, E-Bass
Lukas Niggli, Percussion
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Johannes Kalitzke, Conductor