PACT Zollverein

19.02.2015 08:00 pm
20.02.2015 08:00 pm
Essen, PACT Zollverein

»Gordon Monahan produces sounds we haven’t heard before« John Cage

›Speaker Swinging‹ created by Gordon Monahan, recipient of the Canadian 2013 ›Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts‹, is an experimental concert-performance for three performers, three loudspeakers and nine audio oscillators. Based on the natural phenomenon of the ‘Doppler effect', the work grew out of a desire to animate the typical electronic music concert and in effect, to realise the loudspeaker as a valid electronic music instrument in itself. It was inspired by the sound of cars cruising on a hot summer night with Heavy Metal music blaring out of the windows. As the cars cruised by, there was that fleeting moment of wet, fluid music, when one tonality melts into another.

In addition to Monohan's performance the solo performance by Tim Etchells "A Broadcast/Looping Pieces" will be shown.

"Speaker Swinging" was proposed by Ensemble Musikfabrik for PACT Zollverein.