New Zealand-Tour

09.03.2018 07:00 pm
Wellington, Saint Mary's Church


Trad. | Hyojo no Choshi - für Shō

Toru Takemitsu | Distance (1972) für Oboe solo

Chris Gendall |Reverse Assembly - for Shō, Recorder, Violin, Guitar, Koto and Bass Koto

Georg Philipp Telemann | Fantasie TWV 40:3 - for Recorder

Dieter Mack | Trio VII (2017/18) for Oboe, Violine and Bass Koto

Keiko Harada | Quartet for Shō, Recorder, Koto and Guitar

Kikuoka Kengyo | Iso Chidori - for Koto and Shamisen

Dylan Lardelli | Holding - for Shō, Recorder, Oboe, Violin and Koto

Rebecca Saunders |To and Fro (2010) for Oboe and Violine

Samuel Holloway | Japonisme - for Shō, Recorder, Oboe, Guitar, Shamisen and Bass Koto

Miyata-Yoshimura-Suzuki Trio
Makiko Goto, Koto, Bass Koto
Peter Veale, Oboe, Bass Koto
Hannah Weirich, Violin

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