Musikfest Berlin

18.09.2016 08:00 pm
Berlin, Haus der Berliner Festspiele

19 Uhr: introduction

Frank Zappa | Revised Music for low budget orchestra
                             Lemme Take You To The Beach

Edgard Varèse | Ecuatorial (1933-1934) for bass and ensemble
                                Poéme électronique (1958) for tape
                                Ionisation (1929 - 31) for 13 percussionists

Frank Zappa | The Black Page
                            The Black Page #1
                            The Black Page #2

Frank Zappa | Echidna’s Arf (Of You)
                            Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing?

Michael Leibundgut, bass
Dirk Rothbrust, drumset, lead Zappa
Frank Wingold, e-guitare
Ulrich Löffler, keyboards
Christopher Brandt, E-Bass
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Paul Jeukendrup | sound
Carl Rosman, conductor (Varèse)

Logo Musikfest

Ensemble Musikfabrik | Frank Zappa - The Black Page #1 (Excerpt)