Musikfabrik im WDR 68 | Dark Paradise

27.10.2018 08:00 pm
Köln, WDR Funkhaus am Wallrafplatz

6:00pm Kulturpolitisches Forum "15 Years Musikfabrik in WDR" (in German)

7:20 pm introduction and presentation of the project Linkage!

Ann Cleare | eyam iii (if it's living somewhere outside of you) (2013) for bass flute solo, contrabass clarinette and violin

Stefan Prins with Dirk Rothbrust | Impromezzo 1

Justin Hoke | state of sunlessness (2017/18) for ensemble - World Premiere - Commissioned by Ensemble Musikfabrik, supported by Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen

Timothy McCormack Nous-Apparatus (2012) for chamber ensemble

Stefan Prins with Melvyn Poore, Axel Porath and Christine Chapman | Impromezzo 2

Steven Kazuo Takasugi | Diary of a Lung (2006-07/2016-17) for 16 musicians, electronic playback and amplification - German Premiere

Helen Bledsoe, flute
Paul Jeukendrup, sound direction

Lea Letzel, room concept and light
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Jean-Michaël Lavoie, conductor 
Stefan Prins, live electronics

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