Musikfabrik im WDR | 53

19.04.2015 08:00 pm
Cologne, WDR Funkhaus am Wallrafplatz

Introduction: 7:30 PM

Liza Lim | The Green Lion Eats the Sun (2014) for double bell euphonium | world premiere

Peter Eötvös | Da Capo (2014) | for cymbalom and ensemble | world premiere of the version for marimba

György Kurtág | acht Duos für Viol ine und Klavier, Op. 4 (1961)

György Ligeti | Piano concerto (1985-1988)

Melvyn Poore, double bell euphonium
Dirk Rothbrust, marimba
Benjamin Kobler, piano
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Clement Power, conductor

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