Montagskonzert | Risonanze scordate

02.03.2020 08:00 pm
Köln, Studio des Ensemble Musikfabrik

Nicola Matteis - Fantasia in C Moll (1720) for violin solo

Nicola Vicentino - 3 enharmonic madrigals from Nicola Vicentino’s treatise ‘L' antica musica ridotta alle moderna prattica’ (1555) (Diminuitions ornamented and adapted for 2 violins and electric keyboard by Sara Cubarsi)

Wolfgang von Schweinitz - Plainsound Etude No. 2 from Three Just Intonation Studies based on a flexible non-tempered 11-limit 31-tone scale, op. 58 (2013/14) for violin solo 

Giacinto Scelsi - Duo for violin und cello (1965) 1st movement intenso, vibrante 

H.I. Franz Bieber - Harmonia Artificiosa-Ariosa, Partita VII (1696) for 2 Violas d’amore and continuo

Olga Neuwirth - ...risonanze?... (1996/97) for viola d’amore

Béla Bartók - selection from Mikrokosmos (1940) (adapted for amplified clavichord and baroque violin)

Marc Sabat - 2. Sun from "Streams barely in winter" (2019) for two violins

Marc Sabat / J. S. Bach - Bach Intonazioni - Adagio BWV 1003 (2010-2019) for violine solo with ‘violin bordun’ counterpoint

J. S. Bach - Fuga (Ricercata) a 6 from the Musical Offering BWV 1079

James Tenney - Harmonium #5 (1978) for string trio

Sara Cubarsi, violin, viola d'amore, baroque violin
Hannah Weirich, violin, viola d'amore, viola
Ulrich Löffler, keyboard
Dirk Wietheger, cello
Lea Letzel, spatial installtion and light

Sara Cubarsi is the curator of this concert.

Admission free