Montagskonzert | piano - forte - insideout

08.04.2019 08:00 pm
Köln, Studio des Ensemble Musikfabrik

7.15 pm public introduction by Ulrich Löffler

Henry Cowell | Aeolian Harp (1923) for piano 

Joseph Andrew Lake | epiphanous, dim  (2019) for piano, violin and violoncello 

Rebecca Saunders | shadow  (2013) for piano solo

Lisa Streich | SAFRAN (2017) for violin and motorised piano 

Enno Poppe | Trauben für Klaviertrio (2004-2005) 


Hannah Weirich, violin
Dirk Wietheger, cello
Ulrich Löffler, piano
Lea Letzel, spatial installation and light

Admission free

Ulrich Löffler is curator of this concert.