International Biennal of Contemporary Music

01.12.2020 07:00 pm Digital concert
Live-stream from KOMED Saal, Cologne,

Marco Stroppa Die Tanzende Hand (2015) micropiece for horn, trumpet, trombone and tuba

George Lewis - Oraculum (2016) for trombone solo - commissioned by Ensemble Musikfabrik, funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW

Liza Lim - The Green Lion Eats the Sun (2014) for double-bell euphonium - commissioned by Ensemble Musikfabrik, funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW

Jing Wang Yan (2016) for shellhorn 

Liza Lim - Roda, The living circle (2017) for trumpet solo

Sang Song Vier Todesmomente (2020) for horn, trumpet, trombone and tuba

Yushun Pei - For Luna (2020) for double-bell trumpet, double-bell horn, trombone and tuba

Shuhan Hu - While the Fishes Playing the Sonata, the Deeper the Water Is, the Longer the Song Is (2020) for four double-bell brass instruments (horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium)

Soloists from Ensemble Musikfabrik:
Christine Chapman, French horn/double-bell horn/shellhorn
Marco Blaauw, trumpet/double-bell trumpet and moderation
Bruce Collings, trombone/double-bell trombone
Melvyn Poore, tuba/double-bell euphonium