Essen NOW!

31.10.2019 08:00 pm
Essen, Philharmonie Essen

Stephan Winkler | Schweres tragend (2017)  two singers, five instrumentalists and electronics

Rebecca​ ​Saunders | ​Nether ​ ​(2017/19) a spatialised performance for soprano, 19 soloists and conductor - world premiere - with texts of the last chapter of Ulysses, Molly Bloom by James Joyce - Commissioned by Philharmonie Essen, Ensemble Musikfabrik and Kunststiftung NRW

Georges Aperghis Intermezzi (2015/16) for ensemble

Sachika Ito, soprano (Winkler)
Daniel Gloger, countertenor (Winkler)
Thomas Hupfer, narrator (Winkler)
Juliet Fraser, soprano (Saunders)
Paul Jeukendrup, sound director
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Bas Wiegers, conductor