Concert at Tung-hai University

05.10.2016 07:00 pm
Tung-hai University Taichung,

Liza Lim | Axis mundi (2012)
für bassoon solo

Georges Aperghis | Requiem furtif (1998)
for violin and clave (hyos higi)

Rebecca Saunders | to and fro (2010)
for oboe and violin

Frederic Rzewski | to the earth (1985)
for one talking percussionist

Tom Johnson | Tile Work (2005)
for trombone

Toshio Hosokawa | Ibuki (2016)
for viola solo

Rebecca Saunders | blaauw (2004)
for trumpet

Georges Aperghis | A bout de bras (1989)
for oboe and clarinet

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