Bundeskunsthalle Bonn

13.06.2020 08:00 pm
Bonn, Bundeskunsthalle

This event of BTHVN 2020 is postponed to 30th May 2021.

BEETHOVEN? Der erlösende Fehler (...wo bin ich nicht verwundet, zerschnitten?!) for a deaf dancer/sign language soloist/vocalist, instrumental ensemble, video, 8.1 channel audio + live electronics - with texts from Ludwig van Beethoven's letters and conversations and using motifs from his music as well as with texts by Helmut Oehring - composition commissioned by Beethoven Jubiläums GmbH within the framework of BTHVN2020 - world premiere

Helmut Oehring, idea, composition, camera, direction, choreography, musical-artistic direction
Stefanie Wördemann, textbook, dramaturgy, direction, photography
Torsten Ottersberg/GOGH s.m.p, sound and video production, camera, editing, sound direction
Kassandra Wedel, deaf dancer/sign language soloist/vocalist, choreography
Ensemble Musikfabrik


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