Akademie Musikfabrik

24.09.2021 07:30 pm
Warsaw, Chopin University of Music

Ensemble Musikfabrik is coaching young musicians from Poland, Germany and other European countries in the European Workshop for Contemporary Music on 17 and 18 September. The ensemble consists of around 20 young musicians who meet regularly for one-week rehearsal phases, where they rehearse a new concert programme and then present it at the Warschauer Herbst and other European festivals.

Morton Feldman - Voice and Instruments 1 (1972)
for soprano and orchestra

Nina Šenk - Gouache (2018)
for ensemble

Matthias Krüger - craving your kiss (2020) Uraufführung
for large ensemble

Monika Szpyrka - Neues Werk (2021) Uraufführung
for accordion and ensemble

Eva Resch, soprano
Klaudiusz Baran, accordion
Rüdiger Bohn, conductor

Oscar Jockel, assistent
Ensemble Musikfabrik, coaching