Aaron Cassidy, Turgut Erçetin


27.08.2021 | 

We recently recorded Turgut Erçetin's new composition "Thousand dead bodies" at the WDR Funkhaus for our series "Musikfabrik im WDR". With his setup of three simultaneous chamber ensembles, Turgut explores the influence of sound on space and vice versa. Check out our video about his work and our rehearsals.

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Benjamin Kobler / Dirk Rothbrust © Janet Sinica

white eyes erased

28.06.2021 | 

White eyes erased is a piece for keyboard, drumset and video projection. Watch the interpretation by Benjamin Kobler and Dirk Rothbrust - with a Text by composer Sarah Nemtsov und a video interview with Dirk Rothbrust.

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Chapman, Christine © Janet Sinica

Soliloquio ... de un teatro fracasado

21.06.2021 | 

Manuel Hidalgo Navas' composition Soliloquio for solo horn performed by Christine Chapman. 

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Peter Veale, Benjamin Kobler © Janet Sinica

Deconstructions II

10.06.2021 | 

Sarah Nemtsov wrote her composition Deconstructions II during a turning point  in her life, between being an oboist and a composer. We recorded the piece, as well as a video introduction with Peter Veale.

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Saunders - Duo © Janet Sinica


07.06.2021 | 

Violinist Hannah Weirich and pianist Ulrich Löffler performing Rebecca Saunders' piece Duo, plus a video interview with Ulrich Löffler.

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Ochred String  © Janet Sinica

Ochred String

21.05.2021 | 

Liza Lim's composition Ochred String is inspired by her exchange with an Australian Aboriginal ritual camp and their culture. We present a video performance of the piece, as well as an interview with oboist Peter Veale.

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Sara Cubarsi © Janet Sinica

Plainsound Etudes

17.05.2021 | 

Sara Cubarsi performing Wolfgang von Schweinitz's Plainsound Etudes. With a video interview about the composition.

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Hannah Weirich

Mixed Metaphors

03.05.2021 | 

Eivind Buene wrote his composition Mixed Metaphors (2019) for Hannah Weirich and Ulrich  Löffler. We present our latest recording of the piece together with a video introduction by violinist Hannah Weirich.

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Carl Rosman


26.04.2021 | 

A video of Sir Harrison Birtwistle's - Linoi for basset clarinet in A and Piano, with a text by clarinettist Carl Rosman and a video interview.

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Marco Blaauw

Noctilucent (Plus - ) Part 2

19.04.2021 | 

Noctillucent (Plus -) is part of the Media opera Plus Minus. The music video with a Text by composer Ying Wang and a video interview with trumpet player Marco Blaauw.

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