Harry Partch Castor & Pollux videostill

Castor & Pollux

08.03.2021 | 

We are looking forward to present our live recording from Kosmostage 2019 with Harry Partchs Castor and Pollux - A Dance for the Twin Rhythms of Gemini (1952).

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Dirk Rothbrust

Support the Harry Partch Instruments

14.11.2017 | 

You can help us to sustain the Harry Partch instruments!

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Drei Fragen an Claudia Molitor

03.07.2017 | 

Interview mit Claudia Molitor über "Walking with Partch"

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Der frühe Partch

21.03.2017 | 

Ein Einblick in den Probenprozess unseres aktuellen Partch-Projekts

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Bring open Ears and Eyes!

02.03.2017 | In the context of our concert at Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens on February 23, clarinettist Carl Rosman answered some questions about the fascination with Harry Partch's music and his instruments:
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The Staging of Delusion of the Fury | Harry Partch Project | Part 3

15.11.2013 | Harry Partch Project Part 3 | Ensemble musikFabrik Video of The Staging of Delusion of the Fury | Harry Partch Project | Ensemble musikFabrik
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Delusion of the Fury im Schnelldurchlauf

25.10.2013 | Harry Partch in Oslo Kurz nach der letzten Vorstellung bei der Ruhrtriennale reiste die Produktion Delusion of the Fury mit allen Musikern und allen Instrumenten nach Oslo. So sah der Tagsablaufauf auf der Bühne des Norwegischen Nationaltheaters im Schnelldurchlauf aus.
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Pressezitate zu MICHAELs REISE, Delusion of the Fury und Zappa

06.09.2013 | Karlheinz Stockhausen “MICHAELs REISE”, 18.-20.7.13, Lincoln Center Festival, New York “The performance by Ensemble musikFabrik, a brilliant contemporary-music group from Germany, conducted by Peter Rundel, in a dazzling staging conceived and directed by Carlus Padrissa, is a triumphant realization of a challenging work.”New York Times, 19.7.2013
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Harry Partch – the Instrument Building

19.08.2013 |  Video of The Instrument Building | Harry Partch Project | Ensemble musikFabrik Harry Partch Project Part 2 | Ensemble musikFabrik
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Harry Partch Institute

12.08.2013 | On the occasion of our recent presentation of Stockhausen’s MICHAELS REISE at Lincoln Center Festival we couldn’t help but visit the Harry Partch Institute at the Montclair State University in New Jersey. In great anticipation of the European Premiere of “Delusion of the Fury” at Ruhrtriennale 2013 we were able to try out the original instruments crafted by Partch himself.
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