Cooperation with conservatories

Many years of experience in imparting contemporary music leads the soloists of Ensemble Musikfabrik to the country’s conservatories. The objective is to impart enthusiasm for contemporary music to the young musicians and to make contemporary music a normal case of education once again.

Master classes

In master classes single soloists of Ensemble Musikfabrik coach students on their instruments and support them in concrete projects, for instance in rehearsals of the conservatory’s own orchestra or in their final project.

Project-related orchestras

Ensemble Musikfabrik offers students the possibility to join project-based orchestras at an early stage of their studies to become acquainted with the work of a professional ensemble and to gain experience at renowned international festivals.

Rehearsals for aspiring conductors

To acquire practical experience in conducting a professional ensemble, rehearsals for varying ensemble casts can be arranged upon request for students of the subject Orchestral Conducting. In direct exchange with the musicians aspiring conductors are given the opportunity to work out their own interpretation of the works and to gain basic knowledge of the artistic and technical coordination of a highly specialized ensemble.

Alternative notation concepts

To facilitate the exchange between professional and amateur musicians Ensemble Musikfabrik is committed to the education of young composers and encourages them to  develop notation concepts on their own, which allow music making without any instrumental skills or the ability to read music.