The KinderUni-vers is making electronic music on Mars

Imagine we could fly to Mars on behalf of a travel agency, could explore the celestial body and cruise around on its surface, just like here on Earth. Everything we need to know about Mars, Tobias tells us. He is a graduated physicist and together with his colleagues he is doing research on temperatures and wind speed on the planet Mars (Did you know that wind is blowing there???). With our newly acquired knowledge about Mars we organize different trips for tourists and note down what we are telling them about it. We mark the distances of those routes we planned on a map and transfer those paths to a tam-tam, which is a form of giant gong.
Back on Earth we depict those tours on Mars by means of electronic sounds. The sounds we generate with the tam-tam, with microphones and loudspeakers. We arrange the sounds into a composition and compare it with music of Karlheinz Stockhausen.