Academy Musikfabrik

Art and music education – what complies with the requirements? Just listening and contemplating? Intellectual comprehension? Through participation in the artistic process new aesthetics, unknown emotional aspects, and new ways of perception are being unleashed. Art education means art making.

To integrate contemporary music as an essential part of our society once again – this is the objective of Academy Musikfabrik, founded in order to focus and pool our educational projects. 

We are open to all stages of life, amateurs as well as professionals. We apply ourselves to the development and training of young musicians and composers, for instance in our youth ensemble Studio Musikfabrik, the project series Composer Collider as well as in cooperation with different conservatories and cultural institutions. 

School projects, the collaboration with the Cologne University and instrumental lessons for children foster openness towards contemporary music at an early age, while the collaboration with independent educational institutions and rehearsal visits open up our program for interested adults.

The centerpiece is spielBar – a concept which is as manifold as diversified. Its ambiguous name – “spielbar” means “playable”, but the capitalization of the letter “B” adds an extra twist: the idea of the bar as a social meeting point – hints at its openness concerning its realization: spielBar is our tool to encourage absolutely everybody – young and old, amateur and professional – to intensively deal with music making and to facilitate the accessibility of contemporary music.

Our initiatives are pilot projects – copy welcome!

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Pictures © Astrid Ackermann, KölnerKinderUniversität, Wolfgang Kirchner (Salzburg Biennale)