Muziekgebouw aan't IJ

20.02.2014 20:15 Uhr
Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan't IJ

Edgard Varèse | Ionisation (1929-1931)*

John Cage | Amores (1943)

John Cage | Credo in Us (1942)

Frank Zappa | The Black Page
The Black Page #1
The Black Page #2
Frank Zappa | RDNZLE
Echidna‘s Arf (Of You)
Don‘t You Ever Wash That Thing? 

Dirk Rothbrust, Drumset
Ensemble Musikfabrik
*Marco Blaauw, Dirigent

Zappa, FZ, Frank Zappa and the Moustache are marks belonging to the Zappa Family Trust. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.