Peter Eötvös © Klaus Rudolph

Ryoko Aoki and Noh Theatre

20.08.2019 | 

An Interview with Peter Eötvös by Martina Seeber

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Marco Blaauw © Janet Sinica

Trumpet Tutorials #2

22.07.2019 | 

Part 2 of the tutorials for trumpet by Marco Blaauw.

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OUTERSPACE © Noémie Le-Lay Merillon

STROM #1: As much to be seen as to be heard

01.07.2019 | 

Composer, performer and multimedia-artist Pierre Jodlowski on the concept of sounding memories, active music and its visual dimension.

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Marco Blaauw © Janet Sinica

Trumpet Tutorials #1

27.06.2019 | 

Marco Blaauw, trumpeter of Ensemble Musikfabrik, has prepared four tutorials especially for trumpet playing techniques.

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U-Bahnhof Heumarkt © Janet Sinica

Gerhard Stäbler - Hör·Flecken (2018/19)

09.05.2019 | 

Trailer des Projekts bei ACHT BRÜCKEN aus dem U-Bahnhof Heumarkt

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Sander Germanus © Tijs Gerritsen

Linkage!: Im Brettspiel

08.05.2019 | 

Composer Sander Germanus wrote Im Brettspiel for the next Linkage! project and answered some questions about his new spielBar-piece.

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Lisa Streich, motorised violoncello @ Janet Sinica


25.04.2019 | 

A new CD with music by Lisa Streich is out now. Listen to the piece SAI BALLARE? and read the score via Score Follower.

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Composer Collider Europe

Composer Collider Europe

03.04.2019 | 

"The people, students and artists who participated were thrilled and the results of the creative process were really satisfying." - Impressions of Composer Collider Europe phase 3 in Greece

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Ulrich Löffler @ Klaus Rudolph

Frank Zappa | The Black Page Piano Solo

26.02.2019 | 

Neu bei Label Musikfabrik: Frank Zappa | The Black Page Piano Solo

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Chaya Czernowin @ Astrid Ackermann

An interview with Chaya Czernowin

31.01.2019 | 

An Interview with Chaya Czernowin by Thomas Fichter

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