Sara Cubarsi © Janet Sinica

Plainsound Etudes

17.05.2021 | 

Sara Cubarsi performing Wolfgang von Schweinitz's Plainsound Etudes. With a video interview about the composition.

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Hannah Weirich

Mixed Metaphors

03.05.2021 | 

Eivind Buene wrote his composition Mixed Metaphors (2019) for Hannah Weirich and Ulrich  Löffler. We present our latest recording of the piece together with a video introduction by violinist Hannah Weirich.

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Carl Rosman


26.04.2021 | 

A video of Sir Harrison Birtwistle's - Linoi for basset clarinet in A and Piano, with a text by clarinettist Carl Rosman and a video interview.

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Marco Blaauw

Noctilucent (Plus - ) Part 2

19.04.2021 | 

Noctillucent (Plus -) is part of the Media opera Plus Minus. The music video with a Text by composer Ying Wang and a video interview with trumpet player Marco Blaauw.

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Melvyn Poore

For Luna

12.04.2021 | 

Yushun Pei's piece For Luna (2020) and a video interview with tuba player Melvyn Poore about the piece.

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Critiques & Ironies

29.03.2021 | 

Benjamin Kobler plays Saed Haddad's Critiques & Ironies - 8 short pieces for piano which were commissioned by the Kölner Philharmonie.

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Christine Chapman © Janet Sinica


22.03.2021 | 

Tansy Davies composed the horn solo Yoik for Christine Chapman.

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Videostill Cage Four6 © Janet Sinica


15.03.2021 | 

A video of JohnCage's - Four6 (1990-92) for four players, with a text by Melvyn Poore, who developed the concept for this interpretation.

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Harry Partch Castor & Pollux videostill

Castor & Pollux

08.03.2021 | 

We are looking forward to present our live recording from Kosmostage 2019 with Harry Partchs Castor and Pollux - A Dance for the Twin Rhythms of Gemini (1952).

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Axel Porath © Janet Sinica

Shaking In The Garden

22.02.2021 | 

Hermione Johnson's Shaking In The Garden (2020) for viola and oboe

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