Theater Gütersloh

02.04.2017 06:00 pm
Gütersloh, Theater Gütersloh | Studiobühne

Die schönsten (Liebes)Lieder

An extraordinary recital: well-known songs with a new, extravagant instrumentation. The combination of Partch-instruments with instruments like clarinets, electric organ and percussion, new versions of great love-song-compositions are developed in arragements by drummer Dirk Rothbrust.

Songs by:

Tom Waits, Francis Poulenc, Benjamin Britten, Franz Schubert and Claude Vivier.

Florentin Ginot, double bass, surrogate kithara, percussion
Benjamin Kobler, piano, electric organ, Chromelodeon I
Achim Lüttel, voice
Axel Porath,viola, adapted guitar, bloboy, percussion
Carl Rosman, voice, clarinet, bass clarinet, melodica, harmonic canon, percussion
Dirk Rothbrust, drums, marimba, spoils of war, gongs. gamelan instruments

Dirk Rothbrust is curator of this concert.