Monday concert

03.04.2017 08:00 pm
Cologne, Studio of the Ensemble Musikfabrik

Die schönsten (Liebes)Lieder

An extraordinary recital: the most beautiful songs of this universe by Tom Waits in a new, extravagant instrumentation meet pieces by Franz Schubert, Francis Poulenc, Claude Vivier and Benjamin Britten.

Songs by:

Florentin Ginot, double bass, surrogate kithara, percussion
Benjamin Kobler, piano, electric organ, Chromelodeon I
Achim Lüttel, voice
Axel Porath,viola, adapted guitar, bloboy, percussion
Carl Rosman, voice, clarinet, bass clarinet, melodica, harmonic canon, percussion
Dirk Rothbrust, drums, marimba, spoils of war, gongs, gamelan instruments

Dirk Rothbrust is curator of this concert.

free admission