Ameublement de Musique objects by Kuba Krzewinski

Composer Collider Poland

21.02.2018 | 

For the first time in our workshop series “Composer Collider“, young composers were confronted with the task of writing for the Harry Partch instruments.

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Dirk Rothbrust

Support the Harry Partch Instruments

14.11.2017 | 

You can help us to sustain the Harry Partch instruments!

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Dialektische Schwingungen

11.08.2017 | Die dialektische Aufhebung musikalischer GegensätzePhillip Sollmann (aka Efdemin) erkundet Harry Partch Phillip Sollmann in "Harry Bertoais Barn" in Bally Pennsylvania, September 2016 ENGLISH VERSION BELOW
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