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Johannes Fischer | Ballroom, Lee Plaza Hotel (the ruins of Detroit)

Ballroom, Lee Plaza Hotel (the ruins of Detroit) für Violine mit Delaygerät, Electric Toy Piano, E-Gitarre, Steine, Trommel und Kasettenspieler ist inspiriert von der gleichnamigen Fotografie des Fotografenduos Yves Marchand und Romain Meffre. Sie portraitieren in diesem Band verlassene Fabrikgebäude und Grand Hotels im Detroit der Gegenwart, einst blühende Wiege der amerikanischen Automobilindustrie und boomende industrielle Produktionsstätte.


Carl Rosman about Evan Johnson's "indolentiae ars, a medium to be kept" (2015)

Evan Johnson had already written for the clarinet in a solo context well before we met - this is his third piece for solo clarinet, or his fourth if we include a seven-second piece he wrote to accompany the well-known early film generally known as 'Fred Ott's Sneeze'. This time, though, the specific instrument involved is not such a familiar object.


John Cage, Ryoanji

At the last Monday concert, we were, unfortunately, not able to reproduce our own Zen garden in our studio in Cologne. But, with Cage’s „Ryoanji“, peace and tranquility found their way into our rehearsal space just the same.

If you are looking for a moment of rest, watch the live recording of the performance by Bruce Collings (trombone), Dirk Rothbrust (percussion) and Carl Rosman (clarinet).